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Newsletter 3‘Ready - Set - Go!’

Dear Sailing enthusiast,

Only a few days left and worldwide a large group of cat sailors will make the journey to the Stena Line Worlds 2005 in Hoek van Holland. A trip that is made by people from Australia, USA or abroad by plane. People from Europe mostly by car. You know the drill, packing all that stuff in your trailer. Stuffing your car with clothes, tools etc. When you make the journey by car please drive carefully and remember to take your bike with you. The dunes of Hoek van Holland as you might have noticed on the website map are forbidden for cars. We have arranged a special parking place for the competitors and VIPs. But the local authorities would prefer you to use a bike or walk from the camping to the beach. It’s only a 5 minute walk or a 2 minute bike ride. When you arrive in Hoek van Holland you can follow the instructions you can find on the website. We have made it our effort to make nice signs you can follow. People to assist you at the parking speak Dutch and English.

Media Attendance
Something else. Are you a hero in your local news paper? Or are you a National celebrity? Let us know as much as you can so we can provide your media with the accurate information. We make pictures, Video and news bulletins available every day. You worry about the race, let us worry about you. That’s the deal with the press office. Anything new in advance that we can print for you? Let us know at communications@F18worlds2005.com. Anything we can do for you let us know at the press booth across the road from the sailing club.

Sail Mail Beach Guide

The Sail Mail Beach Guide is ready now. This guide provides you with information about the race-, beach- & tent program, sailing instructions, tourist information, etc. You can also find this on the website: www.f18worlds2005.com/publications.

Registration on the Beach
The registration desk is on the beach, next to the sailing club. After registration the cats will be taken to the beach, you will receive the documents, bow numbers, stickers, goody bag, etc. Don’t forget to bring your insurance policy for your boat, measurement certificates and member card.

Special Request: Enthusiastic sailors for the Youth Clinic
After the races on Wednesday, July 13th there will be held a youth clinic with prize winners of a quiz in Rotterdam. We are looking for 18-20 cats who like to introduce our winners into the world of cat sailing. If you are interested please sign up at the registration desk. Of course we have some nice goodies for you.

Spectacular DVD
A special DVD will be made with of lot of spectacular pictures of the Stena Line F18 Worlds 2005. This 50 minute DVD is for sale (€ 24,95) and contains a lot of footage you will never see on TV. At the press centre or by filling out the brochure in the Sail Mail Beach Guide you can order your DVD.

Pit lane
In the Pit lane you will find various (cat) dealers with their latest material.

Kite- and Kayak Clinic
Near the tent there is a professional kite- and kayak shop that provides special clinics for reduced prices every day. Look for the program and sign in for a special experience.

Free dinner & party at Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
Come to the tent and have a good time. On three evenings you will have dinner/party free of charge.

Prize Giving at Friday, 15th July, 20.00 hrs.
The prize giving ceremony will be made Erica Terpstra, chairman of the Dutch Olympic Committee and former Olympic swimming champion.

Have a safe trip to Hoek van Holland and see you on the beach,

Team F18 Worlds 2005

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