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Stena Line F18 Worlds 2005; the Event and the Location
The 2005 Stena Line Formula 18 World Championship will be held on the North Sea from 9-16 July 2005 in The Netherlands, at the beach “Hoek van Holland”, near the city of Rotterdam.

Adding to the exciting nature of this event, we wish to inform you that the European Commission has named Rotterdam as the European Capital of Sport for 2005. This distinction offers not only a large variety of professional sporting events for the enthousiastic spectator, but more appealingly an overall festive atmosphere for both young and old alike.

An add-on benefit for participants and their potential sponsors: the synergy between Rotterdam’s overall focus on sport in 2005 combined with the highly motivated and experienced World’s organising committee will serve to elevate the prestige and publicity surrounding this world-renowned sailing competition.

Beach program
Alongside the ‘Worlds’ sailing event, the organisation plans a highly attractive beach program, to take place in and around our F18 Beach Club. Events such as beach barbecues, music, dancing, drinks, beach volleyball, and kite surfing will ensure everybody can have a great time.

In order to bring the exciting sailing action up front and personal to the interested spectator, beachside competitions such as speed trials and match racing will be available both for viewing as well as via participation clinics under the coaching of an expert sailor….you can watch the action and be part of it!