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Organising Authority
The Organising Authority is the Foundation for “International Regattas Formula 18 Class” and the Watersport Association of Hoek van Holland in close cooperation with the Dutch Formula 18 Association.

More information
Please check this website for more info or send an
e-mail to info@F18Worlds2005.com

Organising Committee: Who is Who

Gerhard van Geest

On my initiative the Stena Line F18Worlds2005 was
brought to Hoek of
Holland. What have I
done...... ;). Besides my
day job as a sail maker I
now had to organize a big event like this. Luckily not alone, but together with
my fellow committee
members and a lot of
volunteers. Together we’ve worked hard to get this all together. I truly enjoyed the long road to this event and I hope we managed to offer you a great week of sailing and of course some
serious fun!
Do your best!
Eline Moerenhout
Race Committee/
Vice President

I am a former Hobie 16
sailor, in present time active
in organising national
and international sailing
events. I am a National
Judge and a member of the
International Jury during
this Worlds. My goals for
this event are: fair yet
competitive sailing in
combination with a good
Rob Hoogstra
Race Officer /
Race management

With three major events
this year I sometimes feel
like an overworked Race
Officer. Preparing the sailing
instruction, arranging
materials and building a
race management team are
just a few of the tasks at
hand for this marvellous
and exiting Stena Line F18
Worlds event held in the
Netherlands. Catamarans
(and at sea) have my
special interest and if you
cannot find me on the
committee boat, I'm sailing
my F18. For the Worlds I'll
be your Race Officer and
we will meet at the starting
Esther Krijnen
Communications &

Just as my constellation
Aquarius I spend a lot of
time in-on-around-or under
water. Being a board
member of the Dutch F18
Class Organisation, the
discussions on organising
the Worlds 2005 started at
the earliest stage for me
(was it the former century...??).
From that moment
on I am involved in the
Communications & PR part
as well as the secretariat.
Want to discuss bright
Communications & PR
ideas? Come and tell me,
before, during & after the
Looking forward seeing U
Anton van de Koppel
Communications & PR

Hi my name is Anton van
de Koppel.
As a watersport journalist I
will be available in the
press office to assist the
international media in any
way we can. I am also responsible for all the images in still and video. Any questions? Any news you want us to put out to the
media? Come and see me
or my colleague Esther in
the press office next to the
Kees Wiersema

Increasingly retired regatta
sailor, currently only available to go out on beautiful days/evenings, with
warm winds and cold drinks afterwards. I Hope to sail Round Texel with Esther, our secretary/communications
(meanwhile succeeded!). I will try to keep the other big spenders in the organisation to the budget, and make sure you get value for money.
Liesbeth Oosterhagen
Chairman Dutch F18
My name is Liesbeth
Oosterhagen and since
2001 I’m chairman of the
Dutch F18 Association.
I’m the only one in the
team, who does not sail at
all! I get my kicks out of
support all competitors the
best I can during the Stena
Line F18 Worlds 2005.
Edward Kruidhof,
John Zuijderwijk,
Karel de Mooij, Race
Sander de Boer,
Tjiddo Veenstra,